REASONANCE has become a resident of the Sirius ISTC

Wave Technologies LLC received the status of a resident of the Sirius ISTC. Wave Technologies is a company that develops innovative methods of electrical energy transmission. Now the company’s portfolio includes two unique technologies: energy transfer to remote areas by one wire only (Singlewire brand) and wireless energy transfer using electromagnetic resonance (Reasonance brand).

Both technologies were developed by a team of Russian scientists and engineers. The results achieved so far have no analogs in the world. It is particularly important that these methods allow reducing the cost of energy transmission, both wired and wireless, by several times.

The Wave Technologies company will continue to work on its developments already on the basis of the Sirius ISTC, as well as to introduce working projects on Sirius’s territory – wireless charging for small electric vehicles and lighting lines for the complex’s facilities based on single-wire transmission.