Any device that uses electrical power and wires can be charged using Reasonance wireless charging. Possible applications are only limited by your imagination.

Here are just a few examples:


Wireless energy transfer for charging of personal and shared e-cars, e-trucks, public transport, agricultural and industrial machines

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Smart roads

         Electrified roads for charging vehicles on the go


Plugless solutions (wireless electricity) for any kind of home and office appliances, as well as security systems


Wide range of industrial applications and automation

Robots, quadcopters

Better autonomous modes and higher mobility

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Wearable devices

Wireless wearable technology for personal electronics, wearable medical devices

Airport infrastructure

Converting equipment for aircraft systems, airport e-transport and other applications

Maritime sector

Ports and harbors infrastructure, nautical equipment

Logistic terminals

Reasonance wireless charger for e-forklifts and warehouse drones