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Technology description

Today, various ways of wireless power transfer are subject to constant development. Current projects worldwide are based on classical electromagnetism: energy is transferred by traveling waves. The voltage and the current are in phase and the power is transferred due to a difference of potentials. Such approach has certain limitations: limited transfer distance, low average efficiency, need for precise X-Y-Z alignment of transfer and receiving coils.

We have been experimenting with various electric wave interference patterns for many years. Our initial approach was based on the works of Nikola Tesla and other scientists who have demonstrated wireless energy transfer by standing waves. However, Tesla didn’t manage to commercialise his ideas and his tests were considered a sort of a «show».

Power transfer by standing waves is considered impractical in classical electromagnetism. A common belief is that when a standing wave occurs within an electric system, the efficiency of the electricity transfer decreases substantially. We dared to go beyond the classical approach and have proved that power transfer by standing waves is possible.

REASONANCE method is
not magnetic resonance.

Magnetic resonance controls only magnetic field. REASONANCE method allows to control both magnetic and electric fields and, therefore, provides integrated balanced solution for wireless power transfer unlike the magnetic resonance.

Reasons for wireless

low cost: compact design, no expensive components, simple production process.

high transfer efficiency due to minimal active losses (transmitter and receiver act as a single system).

very light and compact components, no need to align transmitter and receiver

Larger transfer distance:
up to 1 meter and more

minimal radiation due to very low frequencies >5KHz

REASONANCE advantages comparing to magnetic resonance technology.

Cost effectiveness

no expensive


Design freedom

no need to align
transmitter and

bulky solutions for
high efficiency
and distance


1 meter and more

10-25 cm


>5 KHz

average 85 KHz





10 – 300 kWt

Up to 300 kWt

What experts say about REASONANCE

Иванов И.И.,
доктор физических наук,

«Явление электромагнитного резонанса и передачи энергии реактивными полями широко представлено в природных
процессах, но с технологической
точки зрения это абсолютная инновация, которая открывает
перед нами не виданные до сих пор возможности беспроводной
передачи энергии»