About Us

Reasonance Research on Natural Science based in UAE is a leading developer of wireless power transmission solutions marketed as REASONANCE.

Over 15 years of research track record in the resonance-based transmission field. Over 3 years of designing and building WPT products and pilot solutions. 

Our product portfolio spans across WPT pilot designs of various capacity and fully functioning devices ready for end consumers.

Our mission:

We believe in wireless future and we work to create powerful, safe and cost-efficient systems for wireless power transmission.

Our team


Anton Vishnevsky

Founder and CEO

MSc, Financial University, Russia

Worked as CFO for one of Russia’s largest industrial groups. Held executive positions in numerous private Russian companies. His 20 years of experience span across business development and investments in technological venture projects.


Inna Kirpicheva

Research Engineer, Model-Based Design

MSc, Voronezh State Technical University, Radio Engineering

Postgraduate programme in Antennas, Microwave Amplifiers and Related Technologies

AirFuel Certified Engineer program.


Serghey Stepanov

Lead Electronic Engineer

MSc, Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics, Automation and Computer Engineering

Majored in Computer Science and Technical Systems Management

PhD in Engineering with diploma in Apparatus and Methods of Experimental Physics.


Marina Dobrinchuk

Head of Marketing and Communications

The Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK, Strategic and International Marketing

Has more than 20 years of experience in strategic and international marketing. Her expertise covers marketing strategies and communications for start-ups and innovations.


Anatoly Strelnitsky

Embedded Systems Developer

MSc, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Specialist Engineering

Majored in Robots and Robotic Systems.

Our team


Patent name:

Method and device for wireless charging an energy storage device.

RU2699024C1, US20210104915A1, EP3557720B1, ES2897546T3, CA3034072A1, CN110391696A, KR20190120723A


ИНТЦ Сириус, РФ

Инновационный научно-технологический центр


Ассоциация развития электромобильного, беспилотного и подключенного транспорта и инфраструктуры

AirFuel Alliance

Международное объединение компаний, работающих в сфере беспроводной передачи энергии

Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park

Develops and manages an innovation ecosystem that promotes R&D and supports enterprise activities, utilizing the collaboration of industry, government, and academia. The Park's research areas include water technology, transport & logistics, renewable technology, digitization, environmental technology, and production, design & architecture.

AirFuel Alliance

The AirFuel Alliance is an international coalition of companies operating in the field of wireless energy transmission. It is also involved in the development and approval of standards.

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