We are a group of Russian scientists and engineers working together in a private R&D company. We have developed a brand-new technology that can transfer energy wirelessly.

Our product is a cost and size effective solution that allows transferring energy without using any wires in a much more efficient way compared with the other technologies on the market.

We do not plan to manufacture or sell any finished commercial products. Instead, we provide access to our technology for potential industrial partners so that they could use it in their products, thus significantly improving their efficiency, usability, and market potential.

Resonance phenomena are well-researched and described. In this sense, we are similar to our competitors. But the fundamental difference is in design of transmitting and receiving systems, which makes it possible to significantly increase efficiency and decrease costs. Simplicity and efficiency REASONANCE design allows us to achieve the same figures for wireless energy transfer (WET) as our competitors, but reduce costs by 80 – 90 % (5-10 times cheaper). REASONANCE can achieve the same results using significantly lower frequencies, which reduces the effect of electromagnetic fields on living beings.

Currently, the main WET solutions fall into these 2 groups:


a) Inductance or capacitance method, transferring energy for up to 5 cm.

b) Magnetic resonance, transferring energy for up to 20 cm.


We place our technology in the next (advanced) level. Our solution combines both resonant inductance and capacitance solutions in a single package. In our case, a magnetic field is generated by both conductivity and displacement currents. Competitors generate a magnetic field only by conductivity currents.


We have managed to design the coils in a way that creates multiple resonant circuits in one resonant contour; moreover it combines inductance and capacitance in a single structural element. This ensures remarkable characteristics of wireless energy transfer that cannot be achieved by competitive technologies.


We comply with SAE J2954 standard for wireless charging of e-vehicles.

We can also transfer up to 10 kW of power at frequencies less than 85 kHz at 95% efficiency and with an air gap of up to 1 meter. But we keep developing our technology. Therefore, we plan to increase power transfer up to 300 kW with the same efficiency.

The technology is absolutely safe because it uses electromagnetic fields with frequency ranges less than 85 kHz fully complying with the international standards for public exposure limits by International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, ICNRIP –

Unlike our competitors, we try decerase the frequency. We use WHO recommendations as a reference on safety which state that frequencies below 30 kHz have no adverse effects on living beings.

Our system is very flexible when it comes to placing transmitting and receiving modules. Specifically, shifting the receiving coil from the center line by half a diameter with angles up to 90 degrees can maintain efficiency at 95-97%. Compared with other technologies, the change in efficiency in such cases is negligible.

Compared with other technologies, our technology is very inexpensive because it does not require any complex engineering solutions for positioning; it does not use any magnets or any other devices except for some simple generators and coils patented by our company. 

Following SAE J2954 standard reduces the costs of REASONANCE solutions by 80-90% (5-10 times cheaper). This is achieved through simplicity and availability of materials used in our coils. Basically, they include only standard wire; that is all. The coil configuration, on the other hand, is our technical know how. 

We are currently choosing an industrial partner in order to demonstrate the advantages of our technology in real-world market applications and products. We are now at a stage of negotiating with a number of European auto manufacturers and design bureaus. 

Technologically, we are ready to implement our solutions in a real product. We have various laboratory stands that demonstrate wireless energy transfer for various distances (up to 1 meter and more).

Possible applications are only limited by your imagination. Think about your house. Everything that is plugged can be unplugged – your e-car or bike in your garage, your mobile phone in your pocket, your TV on the wall, or your kettle in your kitchen – all of that can be charged wirelessly. Same applies to the industry: e-forklifts in warehouses, e-trucks, drones, and many more. Real-world applications are limitless. Literally, any device that uses electrical power and wires can be charged wirelessly.

Wireless energy transfer is natural development of technology. It is better, safer, and cheaper. It is also worth noting that wireless energy transfer may be the last obstacle to overcome to breakthrough autonomous technologies (like unmanned vehicles).

Yes, we have the patents granted by the Russian Patent Office. Priority applications have been also filed in the USA, EU, China, India, Canada, and Korea. The patent title is “Method and device for wireless charging of electrical energy storage in a fixed or mobile consumer”. Please refer to

Our technology complies with SAE J2954 which is the existing standard for wireless power transfer for electric vehicles. As time goes on, it is possible that a new standard for wireless energy charging will be formulated based on our technology.