REASONANCE presented its technology at CIIE2021 expo in Shanghai

REASONANCE wireless technology was presented at the Chinese International Import Expo in Shanghai. It attracted a lot of attention from technological companies as well as from state institutions and media.

Reasonance demonstrated the upgraded version of its wireless TV with the following characteristics: 250 W power, 250 kHz frequency, 40 cm gap between the coils with the orthogonal alignment. 

Also, Reasonance presented its 3.5kW charging unit with 90% efficiency. 

Reasonance products and demos came into the spotlight of the Chinese Central television — leading state TV channel in China. 

«REASONANCE brought remote charging a step closer», Entrepreneur.

REASONANCE gets featured in Entrepreneur editorial.

The Entrepreneur editorial analyses industrial trends of wireless charging and claims that “Reasonance development in wireless power transmission technology has brought remote charging a step closer”.

“The advances that wireless transmission of electricity can bring are significant ranging from cheaper and safer power transmission to a great deal more efficiency in all areas of human endeavour. In the industry there is a steady flow of ongoing work to create effective truly wireless power transmission that can be implemented on a large scale. Most of the industry players today use the well-known effects of electromagnetic resonance, which are practically indistinguishable from the current Qi standard, that is, you have to put a phone or other device directly on a charging pad. This is not really wireless, rather it is just plugless. In the future, solutions are needed in which the consumer does not think about charging at all, rather it just happens like Wi-Fi connectivity. This is a global expectation common across Asia, Europe and the US”.

“Reasonance has made huge steps with wireless power transmission technology leading to costs tumbling dramatically, by up to 90 per cent in some cases. The startup is able to make these striking savings thanks to affordability of the material used to make the coils and by using a technical know-how in coil configuration”.

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REASONANCE takes part in all-digital CES 2021 on January 11-14.

This year #CES2021 went all digital and we were thrilled to make the global premiere of our wireless technology at No1 event for consumer electronics.

We showcased REASONANCE wireless technology applications in a TVset, e-bike, and presented a lab demo of home & office wireless charging solutions.

Our showpiece at #CES2021 was an entirely wireless TV set powered by REASONANCE technology. The year before, Samsung had announced a wireless TV to be presented at CES2020 but later had cancelled.

Our wireless TV demonstrated all the main features of REASONANCE technology: efficiency, distance, design, and safety.
Furthermore, REASONANCE wireless solutions are 80-90% more cost-effective than any other wireless techs for consumer electronics and e-mobility.

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REASONANCE has presented wireless TV at the Wireless Power Week in Seoul

During WPW event in Seoul (15-19 November), REASONANCE demonstrated a TV that worked wirelessly with 90-degree misalignment of transmitting and receiving systems. Mr. Anton Vishnevsky, CEO, presented its breakthrough WPT technology and explained what makes REASONANCE products and solutions unique and more efficient vs. other methods (e.g. magnetic resonance and induction).

Here you can see the video demonstration from the WPW event

The WPW is the largest wireless power event in the world hosting 400+ research scientists and professionals from all over the world —

Reasonance has become a member of the AirFuel Alliance

Reasonance has become a member of the AirFuel Alliance, a global coalition of innovative companies who are committed to a world where we can power up without plugging in.

The AirFuel Alliance was established in 2015. It unites leading wireless companies that create together universal standards for wireless power technologies, advocate for industry-wide standards adoption and advance our collective mission to eliminate the last cord in our lives.